Our sheep live outside all year round except for lambing when we bring the future moms to a shelter to give birth. Livestock guardian dogs watch over our sheep all year round to minimize predator losses. We try to imitate a wild sheep habitat where grazing starts early in the year at the valley bottom and works its way up the mountains during the summer. Our flock is given a fresh pasture every week and doesn't return to the same pasture for at least a month. In 2008 and 2009, we walked our butcher lambs (known as a “sheep trek”) approximately 250 kilometres through the bush, to the abattoir to avoid long vehicle transport. We are now working together with a abattoir that is opening its doors here in Mc.Bride. Delivery dates for cut, wrapped and frozen lamb:Vancouver (End of November) Edmonton (December), Kamloops (November), and Prince George (December).   Price: $8.50 per pound of carcass weight*Portions: ½ order (approximately 20 – 30 lbs) or whole order (approximately 40 – 60 lbs)**   * Lamb is weighed at slaughter while hanging before cutting and wrapping. A loss (10-15%) will happen during hanging and cutting. ** A ½ order is equal to ½ banana box full and whole order is equal to one banana box full. ½ lamb gets you 1 – 2 leg roasts, lamb chops, rack of lamb, shoulder roast, stew and/or lamb burger. Payment: $50 down payment on ½ orders or $100 on a whole lamb payable by cheque. This will guarantee your lamb.